NUTRI by Noucky

NUTRI by Noucky Koole - orthomoleculair therapeut

I’ve set up NUTRI support based on the need to share knowledge, so that you gain control over your own health.

I’m Noucky Koole and I have been consciously optimizing my own health since I was 18 years old. All my life I have suffered from allergies, asthma, itching, dizziness, nausea, lots of extreme tiredness (even as a child my mom always found me sleeping behind the coach or under the table) and many other symptoms. The list is too long to share here, but it was clear that I couldn’t always do everything when and how I wanted to. After many tests and discussions with various doctors, in addition to medication to suppress the various symptoms, the advice was “you have to learn to live with it” and “we don’t know exactly how it works, but stopping your medication is not an option because then you will lose at least 10 years of your life.”. As a teenager that is confronting, but you also learn to make choices.

I knew that something was wrong in my body and that it could be done differently. I was not ready to give up and leave it like that. I have gone through countless medical articles and many years have passed, but my ‘Eureka moment’ came when I was 29. I came across the disease mastocytosis: accumulation of abnormal mast cells. I recognized all the symptoms on my list. It was very confronting that I could possibly have that, but it also felt liberating. Finally I had a possible label for all the defects. I presented my hypothesis to the GP, who said: ‘Interesting! I refer you to the LUMC where they can do a skin biopsy’.

A new process started at the LUMC: the skin biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy tested positive. Finally I had an explanation for how I felt, but that’s where the trajectory ended. I was given medication, but the symptoms didn’t get better. So I had to look for further lifestyle adjustments. I then benefited greatly from the studies of Yasmina Ykelenstam, better known as ‘The Low Histamin Chef’ see

With the knowledge I had, I continued to search in medical articles. I discovered that mast cells (of which I have so many) and histamine are influenced by hormones. In addition, it turned out that I was extremely depleted in minerals and vitamins. With that new knowledge I was able to look at the different pathways in my body, increase my mineral and vitamin intake, created more time for myself and did a self-study to get better. I have rebuilt my energy with the help of an orthomolecular therapist, an osteopath, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and an orthomolecular dietician. I have also applied psychotherapy and family constellations to better understand where things, in the broadest sense of the word, came from.

My own recovery process turned out to be the basis for realizing that I wanted to help others to also have an energy-enriched life. Through endless searching, reading and listening I have gathered a lot of knowledge and new what studies I wanted to do to become the great therapist that can help you too.

I have completed the studies Orthomolecular Therapy at Natura Foundation, Lyme expert at Lymeherstel NL by Gerrie Hasselaar, RTT hypnotherapy at Marisa Peer, HBO-Medical Basic Knowledge and Family Constellations at Total Health Academy.
I am a member of the Professional Organization CAT (Complementary Complementary Therapists) in the Netherlands and I’m ready to hear you and your story.

I dare to say that I can help you by giving you insight into how you can make yourself better.

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