Are you stuck?

Through insight and awareness you create change.
Many long-term complaints, both physical and mental, do not want and cannot go away due to our own beliefs and thoughts.
Hypnotherapy via RTT brings you a personal transformation.
You control how you feel!
You become aware of how you feel, how you speak to yourself and your environment and how you react and this way you can change it.
Be still, really go inside and feel, listen and experience what you went through, what it did to you, then at that time in that moment where you were another version of you. What did it do for you then? What does it do for you now? Is it necessary to experience it the same way now?


You have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day

90% of these thoughts are the same as yesterday. So your future will also remain the same. When you think and act the same, you also create the same experiences.

THOUGHTS determine your choices and actions and these in turn determine your experiences and emotions, which in turn lead to your thoughts. Only if you break this loop with new thoughts and feelings can you achieve new results. Your personality consists of how you think, act and feel. You create your life, not your parents, your environment, your (former) partner; it’s YOU!

Your personality creates your reality.



Living in the NOW is letting go of who you were and have been.

Every day, every second you have the chance to renew yourself with new thoughts and feelings.
Repetition is conditioning. What’s your pattern? How do you get up? Are you open to change your patterns and beliefs? Do you want to get rid of this autopilot, the balast? Or do you let your environment determine your future through familiar thoughts and feelings from your past that don’t serve you anymore?


Do you want a different life,
a new and improved life?

When you become aware of your subconscious, of your own thoughts, beliefs and patterns, your emotions and how they come about and keep you connected to the past, with these insights you can change something.
Only your thinking, acting and feeling, your true personality can realize your new reality.

You can change who you are inside and out.

How you think and how you feel defines you, it creates you as you are in that moment.

You can’t change the future as long as you don’t change your thinking, doing and feeling.
Thoughts are the language of your brain.
Feelings are the language of your body.

What is hypnotherapy?